Maidenhall Primary School

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"Good attendance at school is the single most important factor in ensuring that children and young people have the maximum life chances - attendance is strongly linked to educational achievement. Promoting positive school attendance is therefore everyone's responsibility".

Maidenhall Primary School believes regular and punctual attendance is important. It is vital for effective learning. 

Research shows that excellent attendance is at the heart of doing well in school. It prepares children for success as adults. Regular attendance also increases the chance of children making good friendships. Children who regularly attend school are also less likely to become involved in commit or become victims of crime or abuse when they are older.

 Poor attendance disrupts the education of all pupils. It reduces social cohesion and disturbs their understanding of subjects like maths and English. Children who do not attend regularly also miss out on key events such as school trips and visitors.

In case of Absence:

·The Attendance Officer will check all the registers each day,. They will make sure that all reported absences are marked appropriately. They will telephone parent/carers to establish the reason for any unreported absences. Any concerns will be reported immediately to the Designated Safeguarding Officer or, in their absence, a member of SLT.

Parents/carers should contact the school early on the first day of absence.  If no contact is received from the parent/carer, the school will contact the parent/carer by telephone. We will leaving a message if the parent/carer is unavailable. If there is no contact after this action (including further phone calls), the matter will be referred to the EWO or Children’s Services. This is to ensure the safety of the child.

Registers will be inspected for absences and lates. Absences will be totalled and analysed for data collection purposes.  Parents will be informed of their child’s attendance on a termly basis. 

Our Local Authority EWO will also hold lateness checks throughout the year. This may be followed with meetings with parents to discuss how to reduce absences and improve attendance.

If a child is absent for 5 days the Attendance Officer and Family Worker or Designated Safeguarding Officer will visit the home. 

However, if we have no contact from parents or reason for absence the Attendance Officer and Family Worker or Designated Safeguarding Officer will visit the home after 3 days.