Maidenhall Primary School

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Operation Encompass

 At Maidenhall Primary School, we are working in partnership with Luton Council and Bedfordshire Police to identify and provide appropriate support to pupils who have experienced domestic abuse in their household; nationally this scheme is called Operation Encompass.

The system ensures that when the police are called to an incident of domestic abuse, where there are children in the household who have experienced the domestic incident, the police will inform the key adult in school before the child or children arrive at school the following day.  At Maidenhall this key adult is Helen Fordham, our Designated Safeguarding Officer.

Operation Encompass ensures that the school has up to date relevant information about the child’s circumstances and can enable immediate support to be put in place, according to the child’s needs.

Operation Encompass does not replace statutory safeguarding procedures. Where appropriate, the police and/or schools should make a referral to local authority children’s social care if they are concerned about a child’s welfare.

Maidenhall Primary School has an information sharing agreement in place with Bedfordshire Police for Operation Encompass.

Maidenhall Primary School will receive Missing Persons notifications should a child go missing, in line with the addition to Operation Encompass.